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Do we have anything else to eat?

I appreciate your feedback.

Starbuck scored a hole in one.

That's her home.

My opinion on what should be done is different from his.

It's natural for family members to help each other.

I cleared the table of the dishes.

My keys are gone.

He is qualified as an English teacher.

I'd like to know who did this.

Elric chased Griff down the street.

He's one of the best.

I just don't feel like going out tonight.

I didn't think Jerry could run that fast.

I didn't have the heart to eat the cake she made me.

How long can we keep this frozen food?

Are you turning red?

I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

You look fine, Suyog.

They rescued him from danger.

It is not clear when the man was born.

Let me go, you're choking me.

Malcolm got married to an older woman.

Noemi had every right to do what he did.

How much can change in a single day!

I just want to be different.

The cat is black.


Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

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The snow has just come on.


I just can't do it.


Patrick will most likely buy the red car.


I just finished the book I was reading.

Space locked the door so only he and others with keys can get into the room.

She had gone there ten years before.

Nothing's ever going to change.

Let's schedule a meeting for next Monday.


An emptiness devours my heart.

That's why he keeps pausing and hemming and hawing.

This airplane is capable of carrying 40 passengers at a time.


This is the hospital where Nathan was born.

We suggested that she should make up for the loss.

Mitchell left half an hour ago.

She did not desire his death.

They have really good food there.

For a moment, he thought of going after the man.

He was in America at that time.


I am very sorry for what I said.

Do you like oysters?

This holds for most of us.

I don't want to hear any of your complaints.

I think it's important for us to stay calm.


Joon got here first.

Surprised at her behavior, he could not say a word.

Who needs that old furniture?


We're running out of ammo.


What can that mean?

He left without so much as saying good-by to me.

He married a very young girl.


Hasn't Nhan told you anything?

I'm not the one who hurt them.

You think I'm not as sophisticated as you, don't you?

He never breaks his habit.

Barbara was swimming with us yesterday.

Maybe you licked it?

I will be very glad to be able to serve you.

I'll be in Morocco for the next seven years.

He lived in France for some time, then went to Italy.

Our school on the hill commands a full view of Mt. Fuji.

This is being misunderstood.

I know how to handle it.

Ralf would never allow it.

Get down here!

Leila said he was going to write a letter to Tor.

She has a brilliant future.

Novorolsky and Ginny live in a very small apartment.

He wrapped his arms around her waist.

Silence is the only answer to a fool.

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He leads a happy life in his hometown.


I shouldn't have touched anything.

That was not my understanding.

I've heard from her.

What is it you really want?

You might not believe what I'm about to tell you, so don't be surprised.

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Olivier swung the bat and hit a home run.

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We didn't help them escape.

The firemen protect us from fires.

Does Jong know how to ride a horse?

You were confused.

I can't speak for The.

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You're even dumber than I am.

By whom was the island discovered?

The outcome of the election is doubtful.

I can't afford to play tennis.

"I have different kinds of fruit. What do you want?" "I want one of each."

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The pen always beats the sword.

The victory made us more excited.

I didn't see Lila do that.

Cynthia has an ironclad alibi for the night of Charleen's murder.

Our plane took off exactly at 6 p.m.


Maybe something happened to change Naresh's plans.

Let's order a couple of large pizzas.

He baited the trap for rabbits.

This is not what we want.

We're trying to impress them.

There is a castle in my town.

Lum ran out of his house in a hurry.

When I phone them nobody answers.

Marc carried out the plan.

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They cut out a path through thick jungle.


The bite isn't very deep.

They would support his financial plan.

Tuna might be able to pull it off.

This room is not very large.

He was dying.

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Tovah doesn't like baseball very much.

You may smoke in that room, but you mustn't smoke in this room.

Saiid was very surprised.

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I asked them to play me a song.

Road rage is a serious problem in the USA.

She's bisexual.

Try to improve your English.

Jef is a little depressed.

Leave the engine running.

We keep three cats, a black one and two white ones.


Being a very particular person he always ties up loose ends whatever he does.

We're coming for them.

Why don't you explain that?


You're doing it on purpose!

Joubert wasn't sure they would renew his visa.

Don't ruin it for me.

I just need to sit down.

Who organized the meeting?


I don't want to get you into trouble.


"We need to know if you need a front wing." "I can't see the damage, I don't know." "Jenson, tell me if you need a front wing." "I don't know! Check the car when I come past." "Roger that... It looks okay, it looks okay. Yeah, the front wing is fine."

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There's no salt left.


Please stop calling me that.

You do not understand.

Jean-Christophe came home drunk last night.

Maybe we should take a step back before we fall?

Monty didn't even have the decency to wait for me to finish talking.

We were ready.

Apparently you are right.


Only the best is good enough.

She got a new CD player yesterday.

If it hadn't been for his advice, I couldn't have succeeded.


Hand me that broom.

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Hydropower is a renewable resource.

I asked them how dinner was, but nobody answered me.

You can't depend on him to be punctual.

There are many ways to improve one's life.

What are you really up to?

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I had the letter written by him.

My aim is to die in a pub, so that wine is close to my dying lips. Then a choir of angels will happily sing: "God be merciful to this drinker."

They can't be right.

For reasons mentioned previously, I have decided to resign my position.

I'm not outgoing.

A boxer and an actor are coming toward us.

It's a confidential matter.


I've come to ask for your help, Rhonda.

In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever.

You are to finish this work by the end of this month.

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It's close to my house.


Nature photos of animals taken in complete tranquility and serenity, are truly masterpieces.