I carried on singing.

I like to eat fish.

She'll have to wait for him.

Johnnie is happy traveling by himself.


Don't let Mechael die.

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He knows how to bind books.

There's a mistake here.

No person by that name is listed in the register of the school.

That's a very funny story!

There were 13 arrests.

This place is large, isn't it?

I'm not so sure it was them who did it.

I knew you wouldn't be able to learn enough French in just three weeks.

Her excuse resulted in nothing.


I have a hundred pesos.

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Pieter doesn't like to sing in French.

I thought it was all over.

I don't want you to go.

I'll take it if you don't mind.

He lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion.

Let's keep that in the hall closet.

I made sure that no one was watching.

I'd like to take a 9:30 flight.

If you stuff the box too full, the bottom will fall out.

Another spam article hoping for click-throughs?

The owner lives above the store.

Put back the book where you found it.

I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member.

Thanks to technological innovations, maximum outputs of the factory have doubled.

Musa is a really interesting guy.


Please read the instructions.

You don't have to convince me.

They demanded that the mayor should resign.


Ernest is a couple of years older than me, I think.

Dawson is doing everything wrong.

The problem should be solved by now.

This is not at all what I had expected.

Slice the quartered lettuce into broad slices.

The garbage dump is over there.

Do you want some hot chocolate?


I speak Spanish.


I live alone.

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You have no driving experience.


That's what we should be telling them.

We had better tell her beforehand, so we can calm her down.

What kind of sandwich are you eating?

There should be more people here by now.

I could run quite a bit faster when I was young.

She is getting better by slow degrees.

She works for a bank.

Her efforts bore fruit.

The bird flew into the cage.


I know you miss your family.

John was making mistakes all the time.

I helped Urs clear the table.

Why can't you stay with them?

Markdown is a markup language, but a very readable one.

Nobody wants to play with her.

Next month it'll be five years since he began playing the violin.


No one is listening to me.

I believe in myself.

Susanne was still wearing a nightgown when Nora got to her house at noon.

Give Emet and the others a call.

He said, 'May God help us!'

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Were there any customers while I was gone?

I have a student visa.

I have to wait for her for about an hour.


That's why we must leave.

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Your school is so kind to reimburse you for the return airfare.


He's unable to do that.

Forget the old saw: some men are, in fact, islands.

Existence is reflected in consciousness.

I've completely recovered from my illness.

I had intended to visit Boston last year.


I practiced with Janos.

Craig is saving up money so he can go to Australia.

Ssi is lying in the hospital bed.


Mickey would have done much better in his exams if he'd eased back on his social life a bit.

Hirofumi bought a new pair of leather gloves.

I'm from Rome.

He claims his wife doesn't understand him.

Emergency services are still looking through the rubble for survivors.

Jim will not come today.

I must excuse myself from the task, because I am unequal to it.


I have no idea where Ted actually hid the money.

Am I reinstated?

That was pretty big.

When the letter arrived, I opened it.

We go fishing together once in a while.

Honesty isn't always the best policy.

They were sanguine about the company's prospects.

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I will go with you after I have eaten my lunch.

Don't put the cart before the horse.

Do you want some cake?

I've never drank milk with tea.

I'm here about the job.


I had no doubt that Debi would do what we asked.

Listen carefully.

Judith put the rifle away.

There are many tall buildings in that town.

Immorality: the morality of those who are having a better time.


Please look at that red-roofed house.

I have a friend.

You'd better call her up.


There are more people than we expected.

You didn't seem certain.

Given the right conditions, compost worms can reproduce at a phenomenal rate.

You're a sicko!

Why are you not listening to me?


Heidi must be waiting for Dewey.


She loves him devotedly.

She was an enchantress.

Where there is grass, there is no water. Where there is water, there is no grass.

You aren't very funny.

Am I a boy or a girl? Who cares?


Can you all tell me how to get to the airport?

How stupid of me!

It was July. The heat was intense.


She really speaks English well.

Sandra eats all Japanese food except natto.

But she is innocent!


With the colour key program system, all colours are divided into two palettes, the "cool palette" and the "warm palette".

The only problem was Michael didn't care.

The time will come when he will regret this.

The game is not over.

It's a fair cop.

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I thought Nick would at least understand the situation.


Don't give it a thought.

Why does catnip make cats loopy?

Rogue was puzzled.

How about playing tennis?

She decorated the classroom.

According to the weather forecast, the rainy season will set in next week.

He played tennis.

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Things are not black and white.

Do you think I should tell my parents about us?

What time shall we meet tomorrow?


Don't give up yet. I'm sure you can do it.

Look, we're wasting time.

Kusum wondered how it would feel to be old.

We won't be back any time soon.

Take some aspirin.

How is it different?

The public convenience should be respected.

You're both insane.

Rik is too young to get married.

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I told them I was fine.

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We'll be ready by the time you get here.

That was the skirt that Mikey bought yesterday.

This book is ready to go to press.

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I never imagined that I could be as contented as I am with you as my companion.


I won't let her have you.

His wife's second cousin was a member of the Jewish ruling council.

He is looking at something non-existent.

The implications of this did not at first sink in.

I shouldn't have tricked them.

Samuel thanked Geoffrey for saving him.

It started as a hobby.

I was thinking about something else.

What were you doing at 9 o'clock last night?

Fletcher looked a bit confused.

I wonder why Sylvan didn't want to go to Boston with us.


The bird was looking for worms.